Multivariable Calculus- 2016-2017
Michael Watson
office: math office in 1721
tutorial periods are posted on the class webpage and classroom wall

MATERIALS -- To be prepared for each class meeting, bring the following each day
1. Yourself -- ON TIME 2. Textbook 3. Pencils (sharpened before class)
4. Homework 5. Non-graphing calculator TI-30

HOMEWORK -- You can expect homework every day. Each set will be reviewed at the beginning of the next class meeting. Some work I will just check for effort and some work I will collect. I'll let you know which is which. Late (unexcused) homework will be marked down 50% if turned in within one day of my checking it in class and after that it will not be accepted. Note: This policy only applies to the first three unexcused late homework assignments each semester. Each unexcused late h.w. after the third will count as a 0 and you will not have the opportunity to make it up.

To receive full credit you must complete the entire assignment, attempt each problem and show all relevant work.

QUIZZES & TESTS -- We will have unit/chapter tests, I'll let you know when they are and post them online as well. Late work, if not completed in the allocated time, you will receive the equivalent of one letter grade reduction per school day up to 5 days, when late work lapses into a zero.

EXTRA CREDIT -- I do not give "extra" assignments to individuals to boost their grade so please don't ask.

TARDIES -- There are academic consequences for being tardy. Frequent tardies will affect your participation grade (see below).

ATTITUDE / PARTICIPATION / EFFORT -- Each semester, everyone starts off with 100%. Throughout the semester, points may be subtracted from this grade for poor behavior, lack of effort, excessive tardies, and poor participation. Here are some basic rules to follow:

Be respectful of others. This includes listening when another person is speaking
(a classmate or the teacher), following directions, and NO bad language!

Get to class on time. Each tardy after the third one in a given semester will count as a 5% deduction.

Take care of personal needs outside of class time. Class time is not to be used
for bathroom visits, excessive visits to the nurse, going to your locker to get forgotten items, or
for making phone calls! And, leave your cell phone OFF and in your backpack.

ABSENCES - If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get any notes and information from a classmate, and to see me immediately to schedule make-up. You have as many days as you were absent, plus one to make up all work. Any missed work completed after that amount of time is subject to late work penalties.


GRADING POLICY -- Percentages are as follows:

Tests/Quizzes: 75
Homework/classwork 20%
Attitude/Participation/Effort 5%

Letter grades are assigned according to the following scale:
93% - 100%= A 87% - 89% = B+ 77% - 79% = C+ 67% - 69% = D+ below 60% = F
90% - 92% = A- 83% - 86% = B 73% - 76% = C 63% - 66% = D
80% - 82% = B- 70% - 72% = C- 60% - 62% = D-